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  • Parents to come to the admission office and collect a registration kit and application form for Std 5 to 12.
  • A completed form along with the cheque for 1st term fees is to be returned by the parents to the school office.
  • The student will only be considered a confirmed admission once the first term fees are paid by the student.

For School & High School admission :

  • Xerox copy of birth certificate
  • Original school leaving certificate
  • Original last Report Card
  • Last Xerox Marksheet
  • Pass port Size Photo Nos. 04
  • Parents Photo (Mother & Father)
  • Doctory Report

No written test is conducted at Sansakr Vidya Sankul. Admissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis. In fact, any sort of entrance test is illegal as per law.

For School & High School – Tuition fees, Hobby and Sports fees, certain day field trips, events, workshops and Books & Hostel fee & celebration fee & Tour Fee.

An extensive multi route bus facility is offered by the school. Each bus has a lady attendant, conductor and trained driver in the bus. Your safety is our main concern.

The school will do all it can to make sure your child gets the best education possible. If we find that a child is not coping up, extra classes will be provided to those students, mentors will be given to them as well. All this extra help will be done at no extra cost for the parent.

Sansakr has a Curriculum and Research Development Centre (CRDC) that makes sure the curriculum followed in all the Sansakr Vidya Sankul is the same and is of the highest standard. The CRDC team members are experience teachers and they travel from school to school observing teachers and lessons and giving the necessary help and assistance to the schools.

the identical curriculum is followed and the teachers all receive the same training and support. Worksheets, exam papers, lesson plans are all prepared centrally by the CRDC team and given to the schools. You can be assured that all students will get a quality education at Sansakr Vidya Sankul.

State of the art infrastructure is provided in all of our schools. Each school classroom is equipped with projectors and visualizers to make learning interesting. Computer labs with brand new computers, fully equipped library, science labs, first aid room are also present in the schools.

A ground will be there where students can play a number of sports. An optional Canteen facility is also present in the school.

Sansakr Sankul ensures that the child excels both inside and outside the school and places a lot of emphasis on Extra Curricular activities.

Sports and Hobby classes are conducted for 2 hours every week. An extensive list of sports and hobbies will be provided to the students and they will be told to pick one hobby and one sport which they will concentrate on for the entire year.

Please see below the list of sports and hobbies that will be offered in your school. Activities are subject to change.

Hobby List Sports List
Art and Craft Aerobics
Computer Graphics Athletics0
Cursive Writing Cricket
Dance – Classical Football
Dance – Jazz and Western Gymnastic
Keyboard and Music Karate
Yoga and Meditation Skating

Please email your resume to recruitmentsansakr@gmail.com or send your resume to Sansakr Vidya Sankul (HR), National Highway No: 08, Baleswar Patiya, Opp:- Hotel Aman, Ta:- Palsana, Dis:- Surat – 394317

  • Extra classes (after school hours) are organized in which English is given emphasis.
  • Various technologies are introduced into the classrooms that help the student in learning English.
  • Students are encouraged to only talk in English in School.
  • They travel to every Podar International School and interact with the teachers and students improving English language communication skills, phonics, pronunciation etc.

At Sansakr, we give emphasis on technology in education. Every classroom will be equipped with digital projectors and Visualiser, through which certain lessons will be taught

This is a powerful new Digital Process Visual presentation and teaching tool.

The Visualiser is the perfect solution for classroom teaching, presentations, recording lessons and evaluation.

The Visualisers powerful zoom allows you to view text documents and 3D objects in the minutest detail. The powerful functions will enhance the way you conduct your lessons, and save time and money with the image and video capture facilities.

Any object placed on the visualiser can be zoomed upto 220 times; a science experiment, an arts session or anything related to nanotechnology can be used in tandem with this product.

The visualizer will be kept in the school lab for help with experiments etc.

The Sanskar “Between Us” Portal is designed so as to bring together the two main components of a student’s educational growth – The parent and the teacher.

Basic Advantage of the Between Us portal:-

  • Facilitates Parent and Teacher communication
  • Student Behaviour reported
  • Student day to day activity reported
  • Attendance of student reported
  • Bulk SMS to parent about important school issues
  • Khushboo patel std 8

    It is very good. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sanskar English Academy  School-Vareli Kadodara.

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  • Amit singh std 7

    I am very impressed with the study and the physical activities of the school. The School is unique in every field. The Education system is good and simple. The child does not get bored and studies happily. I wish and pray to god that this school mayprogress day by day.

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  • Parents Testimonial

    The school has a wonderful teaching staff and students get individual attention from the teachers.

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  • Student Testimonial

    It is Superb Study. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sansakr Vidya Sankul - Surat.

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  • Guest Testimonial

    Amazing Experience. The thought has gone into constructing such a massive edifice is brilliant.The care attention to detail is superb. Could see a vision behind every bit of the school

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  • Staff Testimonial

    I'm really enjoying the challenges and rewards of working for Sanskar. Teaching a variety of classes, from kids to companies, ensures that every working day is both challenging and interesting. Unlike many schools, I feel Sanskar encourages teachers to be creative and to develop their own teaching styles, while knowing that guidance from a highly skilled team is always available.

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