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About Us

Sanskar English Academy School ,vareli kadodara was founded in the year 2014. From a modest beginning,Sanskar English Academy enjoys a position of eminence among the city schools today. The school has strength of over 600 students and nearly 30 teaching and non teaching staff members.Academic brilliance alone will not suffice in today’s ever evolving and a highly competitive world hence the school lays emphasis on the holistic development of the students by encouraging participation in extracurricular activities and application of information technology and multimedia in the ‘Teaching – Learning process’.


To make education that much strong and powerful to make a child to become a complete man.
All members of the Sanskar English Academic’s family envision…
A child centered co-educational school, where the holistic growth of each child is facilitated through a strong curriculum supported by an able faculty, resulting in intellectual as well as personal development.
The school also envisages a society in which all children, even those who are materially and physically less endowed, are an integral part, with equitable access to opportunities, enabling them to live life to the fullest.
All are but part of one stupendous whole,Whose body nature is, and God and soul.

In addition, the school has adopted the following goals:

1. To instill knowledge and appreciation of the intellectual and cultural heritage of mankind.
2. To initiate and establish habits of independence, self-control and an appreciation of the dignity of human labour.
3. To instill the norms of social behavior and interaction and to develop a will to face challenges in both work and play.
4. To develop in the students a winning attitude that determines the quality of motivation and strength of commitment.
5. To foster in each student a sense of competence, self-confidence, emotional and physical well being.
6. To encourage social consciousness, concern for others and involvement in and commitment to the community both within and without the school.
7. To develop a strong sense of moral integrity as reflected through ethical and spiritual growth, while respecting the religious diversity of our country.


Empower the student with knowledge, learning experience and wisdom and make them life learner.


The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state’s higher educational system takes.

The main responsibilities of the Board include academics, conducting examinations and research and development.

The GSEB conducts 2 (including 4 semester type examinations) main examinations – The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam for Standard 10 and the Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) sem-1,sem-2,sem-3,sem-4,exam for Standard 12 students in Gujarat. The Board also holds a Talent Search for students of Std VIII & IX in five major subjects every year.

  • Khushboo patel std 8

    It is very good. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sanskar English Academy  School-Vareli Kadodara.

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  • Amit singh std 7

    I am very impressed with the study and the physical activities of the school. The School is unique in every field. The Education system is good and simple. The child does not get bored and studies happily. I wish and pray to god that this school mayprogress day by day.

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  • Parents Testimonial

    The school has a wonderful teaching staff and students get individual attention from the teachers.

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  • Student Testimonial

    It is Superb Study. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sansakr Vidya Sankul - Surat.

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  • Guest Testimonial

    Amazing Experience. The thought has gone into constructing such a massive edifice is brilliant.The care attention to detail is superb. Could see a vision behind every bit of the school

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  • Staff Testimonial

    I'm really enjoying the challenges and rewards of working for Sanskar. Teaching a variety of classes, from kids to companies, ensures that every working day is both challenging and interesting. Unlike many schools, I feel Sanskar encourages teachers to be creative and to develop their own teaching styles, while knowing that guidance from a highly skilled team is always available.

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