Our Mission

Sanskar’s mission is “Dedicated to the Divinity in every child”.


We seek to educate students to be accountable, productive, and ethical citizens with the skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and engender in them a spirit of universal brotherhood, tolerance and a respect for all cultures.

We nurture each child with devotion so that he garners the best values from the Indian spiritual heritage and other world customs and is ready to step out in today’s challenging world.

We believe that every child is unique and if fostered in an encouraging environment, will achieve the goals he is destined for. We strive for excellence in providing a conducive and purposeful atmosphere for pursuit of brilliance.

Our Goal

“To integrate our resources, methods and enterprises flawlessly into a venture that is symbiotic in nature and create a “win-win” situation for all our stakeholders, i.e. teachers, pupils, parents, management and service-providers and to develop and implement academic and administrative tactics in keeping with changing times and needs of our generation.”

Our Philosophy

Students First – Organization, programs, and policies are based on student needs. Our responsibility is to prepare students for practical and emotional aspects of Life.

Teachers as the Key – Our faculty provide “all-encompassing education” which extends beyond the classroom to include intellectual, social and moral growth.

Leadership with Inspiration – Inspiration is the best motivator to educate our teenagers. Faculty and administrators are energetic, gregarious and caring individuals who know how to lead young people.

Management with Purpose – The management of the school is motivational and efficient. It sets higher goals for itself and earnestly endeavors to achieve them.

Continuous Improvement- As the world changes, so must Sanskar Vidya Sankul. It is ensured that infrastructure and curriculum is upgraded constantly to guarantee highest degree of flexibility.

  • Khushboo patel std 8

    It is very good. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sanskar English Academy  School-Vareli Kadodara.

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  • Amit singh std 7

    I am very impressed with the study and the physical activities of the school. The School is unique in every field. The Education system is good and simple. The child does not get bored and studies happily. I wish and pray to god that this school mayprogress day by day.

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  • Parents Testimonial

    The school has a wonderful teaching staff and students get individual attention from the teachers.

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  • Student Testimonial

    It is Superb Study. The studies and the extra co-curricular activities are balanced very well by the school. The best thing in the school is the child centric education. The entire atmosphere of the school is very good and we do not get such environment anywhere else. I am happy that I study here at Sansakr Vidya Sankul - Surat.

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  • Guest Testimonial

    Amazing Experience. The thought has gone into constructing such a massive edifice is brilliant.The care attention to detail is superb. Could see a vision behind every bit of the school

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  • Staff Testimonial

    I'm really enjoying the challenges and rewards of working for Sanskar. Teaching a variety of classes, from kids to companies, ensures that every working day is both challenging and interesting. Unlike many schools, I feel Sanskar encourages teachers to be creative and to develop their own teaching styles, while knowing that guidance from a highly skilled team is always available.

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